Stressed? Why YOU Should Be Taking Rhodiola Rosea for Fatigue and What Herbal Adaptogen Tonics To Take With It

Click here to learn more about stress and ‘adrenal fatigue’, by understanding the role of adaptogen herbal tonics. Learn more about the effects of acute and chronic stress. Discover naturopathic lifestyle recommendations for mental and physical exhaustion.

John's Missing Piece of Advice for COVID-19

The glaringly obvious piece of advice that has been neglected, ignored, or most likely never understood by government officials and medical authorities since this virus crisis started.

Your Questions Answered! FAQs About Online Telehealth Appointments

Naturopaths John & Aleisha have been testing out the latest tech feature on offer at the Abundant Life & Health clinic. Want to know more about how to see us from the comfort of your own home during COVID-19? This guide covers all the need to know basics.

Your Glimmer of Hope During Hard Times

You would be excused for thinking that this was the end of the world based on what you see on the news.

Due to Recent Events...

We are happy to announce that we now offer online consultations too! Naturopathy has never been so accessible.

Hype, Panic and Mass Hysteria: Our Response Facing Coronavirus Pandemic Fears

We want to make it clear where we stand here. Outbreaks like the coronavirus often cause worry, even paranoia, among people who are health-conscious and even those that are not. What is needed is a rationale and calm approach. Comparably the impact of extensive media coverage greatly outweighs the risk posed by coronavirus to most people. Education on the truth of the matter is at the core of diminishing the disproportionate fears that people are panic-buying into when they contribute to leaving supermarket shelves empty by hoarding essential supplies. Be aware and well-prepared, but above all else be sensible.

The Secret Recipe to Living a Long, Healthy & Happy Life

Event Wrap Up The Longevity Film with EMU Wellness & Kale Brock

On Tuesday night February 11 we had a GREAT turn out for The Longevity Film screening hosted by EMU Wellness and writer, filmmaker and speaker Kale Brock. We here at Abundant Life & Health supported the local event by supplying some door prizes to a few lucky guests. We gave away a Melrose & NutraOrganics Longevity & Wellness Hamper valued at $174 and 2 $50 vouchers. But for those who did not attend, we wanted to share a brief snapshot of what it was all about and what we learned.

10 Everyday Detox Health Tips to Feel Better

Start 2020 off right! Follow through on that New Year’s resolution you made to get healthy (minus all the latest fads). Here’s how to start with a few simple tried and trusted ways to help your body detox every day!

Survival Guide to the Silly Season (Plus Trading Hours)

5 Rules for Making it Through Christmas… Alive!

Christmas is upon us again! A time to drink, eat and be merry. But mixed in with the magic and wonder of Christmas is the stress that it brings. So what can you do to come out on the other side of it actually feeling like you had a break rather than you are in desperate need of one?

PEA: A New Approach to Combating Nerve Inflammation

Do you suffer from acute or chronic pain and inflammation? From carpal tunnel syndrome to fibromyalgia and depression, PEA is a supplement worth reading up on.