Deciding to fall pregnant is an exciting step to take, but the joy can soon wear off when things don’t go the way you expect.

But no fear! Our Naturopath John is here.
John specialises in fertility, conception and hormonal issues and has helped many a couple achieve both a healthy pregnancy the birth of healthy babies.

IVF centres make a great point of their success rate in getting people pregnant, but fail to mention that it is a far lower success rate in achieving a live birth. It is pointless getting someone pregnant unless that pregnancy culminates in the birth of a live, healthy baby.

Issues with contraception are on the rise and it’s no wonder..
Diet, hormone and mineral imbalance, stress etc. all play a key role in our reproductive health. And it is the first thing our body puts on the back burner when there is something else going on.

Even the stress of trying to conceive is enough to hinder your chances. This is because stress acts as an indicator to your body that carrying a baby is unsafe at that time. So we approach fertility by understanding that the body needs balance and consistency to be in the prime position to conceive a child.

With a combination of lifestyle changes, hormonal support and prenatal supplements we guarantee that by following the advice and program advised by our Naturopath that your body will be an optimal environment for conception. 

Another very important thing to keep in mind is that the mother’s health and welfare during the pregnancy is equally as important as the baby’s. If mum is not healthy and handling stress well, the baby will not do well either. So, look after mum’s health too.

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