Testing can help identify issues that are not evident from normal patient questioning.

For example, there are some people who have problems which seem to have no cause yet upon testing a cause can be revealed. For example; someone who has difficulty carrying a baby beyond the first trimester may have a genetic problem with a gene called Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR). This gene amongst its other jobs, is to convert Folic Acid to 5-Methylenetetrahydrofolate– 5-MTHF. Not being aware of this gene being aberrant a blood test may show high levels of folate but the body is unable to use the form being accumulated. This in turn can adversely affect how you use vitamin B12. We can arrange the gene test inexpensively for you.

Ratios and relationships within a blood test also reveal problems even where the parameters are all within the Normal range. Not being aware of these can lead a doctor to declare that you are fine nothing is amiss when in fact there are issues.

Blood tests are merely a snapshot of what is in the blood at the time the blood was drawn and may not reflect the on-going situation within the body. For example, minerals are very transient in the blood so it can be virtually impossible to ascertain the true mineral status of a patient from blood tests or even urine tests. This is where a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis HTMA can be valuable as this tissue retains the mineral profile allowing us to see your current and recent past status.

Food sensitivities is another area where we can assist. A medical test is usually done to see if you have an allergic reaction to a food. You may not be allergic to a food but you may still be sensitive to varying degrees to that food. Wheat and Gluten are classic examples. 

If you are a coeliac diagnosed patient, then you have an allergy to gluten and cannot consume it without seriously damaging yourself. However even though you may not test positive for Coeliac Disease you may react – mildly/moderately or strongly to gluten meaning that you will suffer discomfort at varying levels depending on your sensitivity.

We are able to do a food sensitivity test covering 47 foods and food groups, covering the usual food sensitivity culprits.

We are also able to arrange heavy metal testing and testing for anti-oxidant status, Hormonal status, stress hormones and a host of other tests.

Our testing is often the same cost as the medical practitioners testing referrals but we are not governed by what Medicare will or will not allow.

Bio-Impedance test. We can offer the Quadscan body composition test which allows you to see how much fat, muscle and water is in your body and the quality of your muscles and the condition of your cell membranes and your hydration status. This test is ideal for those undergoing long term medical treatment especially cancer as it shows how the body is handling what is being done to it. It is also very useful for athletes and body-builders and vital for those following a weight loss program as it lets you see how much fat you are losing and what the water content of your body is.

This test can be done in our clinic so call us today for your Quadscan test. There is no pain or discomfort (other than knowing you have more fat than you might like).

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