Stress and anxiety are something we are all familiar with, but it is their form and duration that causes the damage.

You might be familiar with the term ‘fight or flight’ but do we actually understand what it is?

Our body is designed to be able to hyper focus, gain stamina, speed and strength in times of absolute need. But it is a short term acute stress. Having your body able to push beyond its limits in moments of extreme circumstance, means that it has to ignore a lot of other things. In those brief moments your body is focused on surviving and not on its other mechanisms like digestion or reproduction for example. This is because your body’s overall goal is always survival. It will sacrifice parts of its systems momentarily if it means living.

So how does this translate to modern life? Well, often our environment, relationships and work/education keep us suspended within a stress response long term. You see, your sub-conscious cannot differentiate between a perceived threat and a real one. To it a wild animal attacking you and an irate boss or client are the same thing and the reaction is the same. This is when it becomes dangerous and detrimental to our bodies. Remember what we said above, in moments of absolute necessity your body will put things on the back burner in favour of ‘survival’, but it does this knowing it will only be a short-lived experience.

Some more examples of long term stress are worrying about being able to pay the bills, constant arguments with your partner or children, fear of losing your job, failing an exam, and now fearing not to know (Facebook/Twitter/Texts and so forth) and added to this the belief that what you read on Social Media is real and you are not doing or getting these things (by the way they make it up your friends are not doing those things either they make them up to make themselves feel good and you inferior).

With long term stress, you’re basically indicating to your body that your priority is attention and survival, and not wellbeing. The body will continue pumping stress hormones through your body and this is when we start to see issues with fertility, weight, diabetes, immunity, sleep hygiene, mental health, digestion, the cardiovascular system (blood pressure, heart rate etc.) cancer and more.

Positive changes in diet and lifestyle can dramatically help with your body’s ability to handle stress i.e. knowing what foods to eat and avoid, bettering your sleep hygiene, getting more exercise. We also have a range of supplements as well as herbal mixtures that can help ease anxiety and stress, aid in sleep and calm the nerves. Counselling and CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) can also provide you with psychological tools to help get on top of your anxiety/depression.

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