Acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, and many other conditions seem all too common, some take for granted that they are an inevitable part of growing up; however, often there are underlying pathologies that cause these problems, pathologies that can be corrected – often fairly simply.

One of the misconceptions that is all to common is that the skin simply needs cleansing because the spots/rash/pimples are caused by bacteria. This is rarely the case. Using harsh cleansers can make the condition worse and extend the duration of the problem.

Your skin is a two-way street. It allows secretions such as sweat and oils to pass from within the body to the outside, and it also allows substances to pass from the outside to the inside. Sweat is the body’s way of maintaining an acceptable body temperature by helping to cool us down. It is also one of the ways we can detox our bodies. The skin is a very large organ that is useful for removing toxins that our elimination systems are having difficulty eliminating via the normal channels, bowel and urinary tract. When you notice a strong body odour this tells you that the skin is being utilised for this purpose.

Knowing that we also absorb substances through the skin we should be careful what we put on it. Many cleansers, moisturisers, cosmetics, powders, perfumes, hand cleansers etc. are full of toxic substances and these go through the skin into our bodies causing aggravation and requiring detoxification pathways to be activated to get them out.

 Many other health conditions are caused by absorbing into ourselves chemicals and toxins from outside. Benzene absorbed through the skin causes liver failure and cancer and at one time many mechanics washed their hands in this to remove grease; they often still use petrol for this purpose causing similar problems.

Lead poisoning has been caused for years from lead being included in lipstick to make it longer lasting. In many brands this has been replaced by Cobalt. Time will tell if cobalt in excess has damaging effects on the human body. Many solvents and surfactants used in shampoos and conditioners are toxic and many have a molecular weight so small that they not only pass through the skin but are also small enough to pass into the blood stream where they can be transported around the body to wreak havoc in your system.

Often a detox is needed to get things right but the best thing to do is talk with our Naturopath and get a full assessment of your issues and potential causes and cures. Trying random methods determined by asking friends and Dr Google can not only make things worse, but it can also prolong the problem and potentially cause other more damaging problems in the meantime.

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