When people talk about hormones they are usually referring to sex hormones such as oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone etc.

It is generally accepted that these hormones are what govern mood and cycles and male aggression, however, hormones shouldn't be thought of as being so simplistic. They have many more actions and purposes than assumed that lead to multiple effects  within the body.

There are many different hormones that the body makes and uses on a regular basis, with at least 50 that we know of that are needed daily. Interestingly, the substance that has been vilified by medical science for decades – cholesterol – is a vital precursor to the creation of our hormones.
No cholesterol = no hormones = no you, consider that for a moment!

Hormones are responsible for basal body temperature, circadian rhythm (sleep/wake/energy through the day), they help us deal with stressful situations, keep us safe by alerting us to danger and even govern satiety - without them you would not know if you were hungry or full. 

However, there is a good side and a bad side to hormones.

We cannot live without our hormones but, like all other things associated with the human experience, if they are unbalanced then things go wrong. Infertility, hyperthyroid/hypothyroidism, insomnia, many pain syndromes, anger, fear, anxiety, depression and many more can all trace their roots to a hormonal imbalance but those imbalances may have many causes. As a result, it is not simply a question of determining the hormone that is causing the problem and giving more. As with all other human health problems, the symptom is not the disease, it is the body’s way of alerting you that there is a problem that needs addressing.

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