Most people only consider digestion as being how we deal with food.

When we get indigestion, reflux, bloating, stomach or abdominal pain and constipation/diarrhoea, we consider that we have a problem with our digestion and look for something to relieve those symptoms. However, as with all symptoms these are your body’s attempt to alert you to a deeper problem.

There are many causes of all of these symptoms and despite the medical professions penchant for creating diseases out of a group of symptoms the symptoms are NOT a disease, they are the result of other imbalances in the body, or vital substances missing. When we start to see the body as an integrated whole and not just a mess of different systems all stuck together, then we will start to see true health being produced.What are some of the causes of digestive upset? 

As we said, there are many but some of the most basic are: external substances such as anti-biotics causing damage to the internal structures

such as villi within the intestinal tract; pathogens such as bacteria, oocysts, flukes, parasites (Bali Belly and so forth) and most often eating things we call food but are really not or should not be classed as food. Little children have to be watched and stopped from putting harmful substances into their mouth but unfortunately, many adults have this same bad habit but we excuse ourselves by calling the stuff we put in our mouths as food.

Processed foods, food additives, colouring, flavour enhancers, anti-caking agents, anti-fungal agents and food preservatives are all chemicals which are toxic to our bodies but are allowed for some insane reason, to be added to processed and fast foods and classed as safe in small amounts (which they are not). Many of these do cause damage and imbalances (Dysbiosis) within our digestive tracts causing the symptoms that annoy. However, treating the symptom and not eliminating the cause will not fix the problem it will only contribute to the profits of a drug company.

If you have digestive problems of any kind come and see us to fix the cause of the problem. We can help with diets and programs to correct your digestive imbalances, repair damage and get your digestion working harmoniously.

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