Detox has become one of the most subjective words within the health industry due to a lot of misinformation and sensationalised advertising.

People often seem to think that the word detox is directly interchangeable with fixing all your health issues - but this is just not the case.

Many believe that it is synonymous with weight loss. Whilst weight loss CAN be a result of detox, if it occurs it is a side benefit, but it is not guaranteed, nor should it be the reason you are seeking it out in the first place.

First things first, your body has a natural detoxification system. It comprises your lymphatic system, your liver, your kidneys and your colon. Your liver and kidneys spend all day every day working to get rid of the toxins from breakdown of food, cellular replication and metabolic processes - to detoxify our system so we don't get sick, or worse. All this is the normal process of life.

Then what does it mean to undergo a conscious detox? Well, daily we consume things we shouldn't be consuming; excessive sugar, alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, junk food, toxic chemicals in our water. We breathe in things that are harmful or we endure excessive stress to our mental and physical wellbeing creating used and unused hormones and the like. All of these factors have a negative impact upon our body's functions and will begin to alter our state of wellbeing. If we are unable to fully remove these during the normal process then we store them until they can be processed later but often we never get around to removing them due to the pressure of normal day to day cleansing.

Imagine this:

In former years, it was understood that this happened and people as a natural part of life did a cleanse – usually in early spring to get their bodies ready for summer. We have a greater need now to continue this practice but, as with many other things, we have lost our former wisdom.

Many health conditions occur or are exacerbated by a toxic or clogged up system. Whilst detoxification is a simple concept if handled poorly it can cause damage to your system or at the very least make you feel miserable and not be successful in cleaning you out.

How do we do detox?

First we like to determine the state you body is in. To do this we conduct a Quadscan – Bio-Impedance test which gives us a clear picture of how your body is handling your current lifestyle. The Quadscan has many scientific research papers backing up it validity. We take up to 6 weeks to gently detoxify you and every two weeks we repeat the Quadscan test so that we and you can see the progress your body is making. Nothing is left to chance and best of all you do not suffer the headaches and nausea that all to often accompany a poorly structured detox.

If the amount of toxins created by and coming into the body outweighs the amount that can be processed and expelled in a day then you're left with an overload that has to go somewhere else instead. This is when symptoms start appearing - bloating, lethargy, fatty liver, kidney infections, the list goes on.

This is why actively inducing a detox can be beneficial in order to get rid the backlog of toxins in your system.  A detox is ideally completed over a 2-6-week period using a combination of herbs, clean eating, plenty of water, good rest and a basic exercise (like a brief walk) each day. Our specific detox systems will support your liver, kidneys intestinal tract, urinary tract and colon while they are dealing with the extra load while undergoing the detox so that chance of side effects is reduced.

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