Every parent worries about their kid’s health.

No one likes to see children suffer illness, but of course illness is a fact of life for all of us - child or adult. We have been made to deal with viruses and bacteria as they impact on us and the very best health care is to ensure that the immune systems innate healing ability is maintained at the highest level.

One of the great things about children is their awesome ability to bounce back after becoming ill. This of course, is dependent upon them being in a basically healthy condition to start with. Health is determined by diet, exercise, fresh air and low stress.

Children respond very favourably to Natural medicines which is a good thing seeing as this type of medicine is free from the toxic chemicals and dangerous side effects found with pharmaceutical medicines. In most cases the medicines are easy to take (although of course there are some with extra sensitive palates!).

So, what makes kids sick?

The first and of prime importance is diet. All too often we hear parents say that it isn’t fair to refuse the “treats” such as high sugar foods and lollies and fast foods and soft drinks. But these make children sick. We have a responsibility to protect our kid’s health, and introducing them to these types of rewards only compromises their health and mood. 

We need to re-evaluate our use of processed and other junk foods. Education is key in realising the harm and detriment caused by these foods. If we considered them poisons, we would never feed them to our children, but marketing and big business will happily have you believe they are in some way beneficial. They are not.

Now of course we have to give a massive amount of vaccines to our children – about 24 diseases before they are 2. We won't get into the debate surrounding this, however, it is essential to understand that formaldehyde, sheep’s placental blood, heavy metals, mouse brain cells, monkey brain cells and kidney cells from various animals within the vaccines are the main reason for most vaccine related problems is essential when making your choice. In the last 8 years authorities have paid out in excess of $7 trillion dollars in compensation for vaccine related injuries. Through Naturopathy, we have ways of removing the heavy toxins from your child without affecting the actual disease being vaccinated against. 

All childhood illnesses respond well to Natural treatments – herbs, Homoeopathic medicines and Nutritional Medicines. These are safe, effective and have rarely any side effects.

Consider bringing your child into the clinic next time they are ill and see how effective our treatments can be.

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