Contrary to popular thinking our brain isn't the only part of what we use to think and reason.

Brain health or mental health is linked to our gut as well and it is also affected by our immune system and affects our immune system, and how we think/see things affects our digestive system.

It is an intricate interlinked system. What affects one affects them all.

Have you ever had what you would call a “Gut Feeling” about something only to find out that the gut feeling was the right choice? This is how your body and mind work. We pick up signals from non-verbal communication, such as body language, gestures, intonation which may give an entirely different interpretation to the words spoken. The ancients called this – “Being aware”.

Much of what affects us mentally starts in the digestive system. If you don’t give your body the right nutrients to provide what is needed for cells to be made and do their job, then things break down. This reality which Naturopaths have taught for ages, is now being recognised by the orthodox medical people. Recently medical scientists have stated that Parkinson’s most likely is caused by imbalances in the gut. However, it is not just Parkinson’s but all auto-immune disease including Autism and mental illnesses.

For many years, it was thought that depression was the result of a lack of Serotonin. This came from the use of a drug for other diseases which seemed to create an increase in inappropriate euphoria. The drug was providing serotonin. However, when given to depressed persons only 30% received any benefit and that only after a number of weeks and when tested their serotonin levels did increase but by the time the so-called benefit kicked in those levels had gone back to what they were before, so serotonin was not the answer. We now know that it is a whole lot more complex and all linked to good nutrition – not drugs.

Today we know a lot more about brain chemistry and the interlinked nature of the gut, brain and immune system than we did. We can support those experiencing Anxiety and/or Depression or other mental health issues with herbs and nutrients while the diet is being re-organised to provide what is needed naturally.

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