While mild for some, allergies can be the culprit of intense and often debilitating symptoms.

Whether they come from the external environment or from your food, allergies are something that can be managed.

What is the evidence you have an allergy?

Runny or blocked nose, puffy and scratchy eyes, sneezing, sinus irritation, headaches, abdominal cramping, bloating, changes in stool, Itching skin and rashes.

These are just some of the symptoms experienced when you are experiencing an allergic reaction.

Through trial and error you can determine which foods or external substances trigger your symptoms but it can be difficult when there are so many varying factors.

While a number of allergy tests are available, we currently can perform a food intolerance test in clinic, sometimes working from the inside out is your best option.

We can also arrange for environmental allergy causing substances such as dust mites, animal dander, pollens and the like, to be tested via pathology tests.

Your immune system is the body’s defence mechanism. It targets and eliminates foreign intruders, can keep you from getting sick and can defend you against disease. The problem is, our immune systems over the years have taken a beating with the increased ingestion of processed foods and their associated chemicals, inhalation of toxic pollutants, consumption of chemicalised water and pharmaceutical drugs and these can change how your immune system works and in some cases over reacts.

When your immune system has been overwhelmed simple things like pollen or even a certain fruit can seemingly cause your system to over-react creating what we see as an allergic reaction or sensitivity.

A combination of testing, elimination, immune boosting supplements and natural symptomatic relief can help you get your ‘normal’ back. Why not book an appointment today and deal with your allergies naturally - Call 02 4721 3198.

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