Better living through Detox

What’s the Big Deal about Detoxification?

Detox. It’s a term you’ve no doubt heard a lot of on TV, in magazines or in the gym. But why should you ‘detox’? Detoxification is your body’s natural process of changing dietary and environmental toxins into less harmful substances before eliminating them from your body...

Beat the Back to School Blues

Kick-start the New School Year

Parents understandably want what is best for their children and aim to ensure that life at home and at school is the best it can be. Nevertheless, if a child is experiencing stress, inadequate sleep or is finding it hard to learn and understand due to poor cognition, then life at school can be harder than it needs...

Who Else Wants To Be Healthy and Live A Long Active Life?

That Sounds Like A Silly Question Doesn't It?

After all,we have all been conditioned to believe that we wear out as we get older and old age leads to disease, pain and misery - who wants that? Well apparently nearly everyone! How can I say that? Well we seem hell bent on making it happen...

Antibiotics are losing their potency due to inappropriate / over prescribing.

Trust your own Immune System, not drugs!

The following report was taken from the “Medical Observer”. Soon Antibiotics will have no benefit due to over prescribing and inappropriate prescribing. The following report highlights the reason antibiotics are losing their potency. This type of medication can be life saving in the appropriate cases....

Got the Moody Blues?

Are you Feeling Blue? Here's some tips to improve your outlook. Credit: iStockphoto

Your Journey to Greater Mental Wellbeing

Mental health disorders are more common than many people realise. It is natural to feel like you are the only one that may be feeling low or experiencing depression, but you are not alone! There are many reasons why you might be feeling blue. Stress, poor health, loss and trauma, and changes in life circumstances can all be triggers for depression. Thankfully, there are some...

Sleep - It's Not a Luxury

Is Sleep Deprivation affecting you? Credit:

Are you Waking Up Feeling Refreshed?

Staring at the celling at 2:30am, unable to sleep, is usually low on people’s list of favourite pastimes. Affecting anyone at any age, insomnia (difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep) and/or waking unrefreshed can be some people’s reality. Research shows that adults who get fewer than...

Controversial Cholesterol Study

Does high LDL Cholesterol cause Cardiovascular Disease?

LDL Cholesterol Study

LDL cholesterol is now in question as a cause of cardiovascular disease in older people. A systematic review of 19 studies involving 68,094 people has found no association between high LDL cholesterol and premature death...

A Possible Link between Serious Auto-Immune diseases and widely used Pesticides in Australian Food

Is Pesticide Exposure affecting you? credit:

Pesticide & Organophosphates Exposure

Recently ABC News reported on research showing a cluster of Parkinson’s disease cases in rural Victoria that may be linked to the use of pesticides. Whilst pesticides may not be the sole...

Autoimmune conditions - bringing back the balance

Is an Autoimmune Condition affecting you?

What is an Autoimmune Condition?

Perhaps you or someone you know has been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. But what does this really mean? ‘Auto’ is the Latin word for ‘self’ and ‘autoimmune’ essentially means that your body mounts an immune response against itself.This is characterised by inflammation...


Are you looking to Shake Off a few kilos? A Ketogenic Diet may be the answer!

Get Fit & Improve your Body Composition

With the warm weather upon us, your thoughts may be turning to how you can get fit and improve your body composition for the summer months ahead. This year, rather than turn to yet another ‘quick fix’ diet that promises you’ll fit into your bikini within the month but feels impossible to do...