News and COVID-19-related deals are everywhere these days: an email from that health blog you forgot you subscribed to last year. That gym you cancelled your membership with in the second week of January. Retail sales emails for up to 50% off: shop online now. Sign up now to our FREE COURSE!! …We are all being bombarded with headlines, offers and guides to help survive the crisis. However, this information is changing by the day and just seems to be getting out of hand, haphazard and fragmented. Everyone is vying for their slice of attention or to scrape together enough sales to keep their livelihoods up and running. Amidst the fear of a largely uncertain future, it is only natural to try and search for some means of control, reassurance or guarantee that things will bounce back to normal soon. Disasters begin suddenly. Emergencies and pandemics start from something unexpected. People are stressed about something they could never have seen coming. Our economies, our priorities, our perceptions are changing. The evidence of this is hard to miss with businesses forced to move to online platforms or start retooling to survive. But what we both have not seen enough of is comforting words of reassurance to settle the heart and mind, that this too shall pass. We are all going through this together. The community has banded as one and done seemingly impossible things within the short space of a couple months. Everyone is doing their part – from Woolworths workers and petrol station staff to doctors and nurses working around the clock on the front line. We are taking the necessary precautions to keep our elderly family members and vulnerable people safe and well to the best of our ability. We are flattening the curve. We are being proactive and responsible. Our actions are saving lives. Our compassion and kindness to one another is serving as our greatest protection. Times are tough. Staying afloat is the best some of us can hope for right now. Most are feeling the pressure when it comes to the crunch and the bills still need to be paid. But there is hope. You are not alone. People are showing their generous support and care every way they can, making services like ours here at Abundant Life & Health more affordable for those who are struggling with money or more accessible to those unable to leave the house by offering online appointments. We are happy to oblige. If you need something, ask. During these times, one of the main concerns that we have as health professionals is the toll that this pandemic is taking on mental health. Take a moment to commend yourself for all the changes you have adjusted to in the past month alone. The compromises and sacrifices you have had to make. But acknowledge the fact that you have remained strong. You may be finding it harder to stay focused and productive, but you are making changes every day that you have never had to make before, and probably have not even had to pause to think about consciously making now. How are you coping? Is the media coverage feeling overwhelming and making you more anxious? Are you looking after yourself? If you don’t have someone to connect and stay in touch with who can offer you support, let us know. Remember that there are services that are freely available to help see you through. Call Lifeline (13 11 14) who operate 24/7 to talk to someone who is there to listen to you. You are not doing nothing. The world may feel as though it has come to a standstill, but the energy you are investing to get by is still there, perhaps going into other more important work that hasn’t had your attention for some time. You are learning, you are adjusting, and you are improvising with new solutions for a (temporary) way of life. The unanticipated has happened. Things have changed and fast. But see this not as a loss or a defeat. See this as a transformation. From hardship, difficulty and suffering, hope emerges for what lies ahead. We cannot hope to return to the way things were. It is too soon to know what lies ahead. But it is not too early to start looking to the future and preparing ourselves with new visions and dreams. We could very well be on the cusp of something great that is about to happen. In the meantime, we would love to take this opportunity to thank our clients for their continued loyalty here at Abundant Life & Health. Your support makes the world of difference to our small business.