Sharing What We Know Now

Naturally, the film was about the blue zones in the world. These are the places where people live longer and healthier than anywhere else on earth. The focus was on how to reapproximate what people from these locations do differently and how we can do it too. The take-home messages can be summarised into a balance of these 4 pillars of health:

1 Nutrition

Eat organic and seasonal food as much as possible and in healthy moderation. If you can grow it in your own backyard, even better! The 80/20 rule still applies AKA being healthy most of the time is good enough. Make healthy choices that become habit is important, but this should not be at the expense of isolating yourself from friends and family on big occasions and celebrations. You CAN have your cake and eat it too! Sometimes.

2 Mindset

Don’t take yourself too seriously. How you tend to see it is more important than what you do and what you have. Contentment dwells in the hearts of the ‘Haves’ not ‘Have Nots’. Pining over losses in the past, or looking on green with envy at something someone else has that you want and covet does nobody any good and brings nobody any happiness. Instead, be in the moment and be grateful for what you do have. Prioritise what makes you happy. Friends. Family. Your kids. Live for them. People who live longer live with purpose (and less stress). Find meaning and joy in everyday experiences, not just the special ones. If you want to live until the ripe old age of 120… why? If you have to count your calories every day, eat the same old lunches and workout at the gym at the same time each day after work, ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” Don’t commit to things that don’t make you happy. Don’t hold onto stress. Do what you love and love what you do. The goal is to live meditatively rather than do more meditation. Seek the purpose but make it about the journey. Be inspired. Get creative. Smile. Laugh. Allow yourself room by getting out of your own way. Trust that there is something out there that rewards your efforts if you just have the courage to try. What are you waiting for? Do that thing you have been putting off! Find the time to do what brings out that spark of happiness at the mere thought of it. Dare to try!

3 Movement

Surprisingly, this is not synonymous with exercise. Restructuring your lifestyle to make movement functional in the sense that it helps you achieve something is important. A grand total of 3-5 hours a week lowers your risk of diabetes, heart disease, depression and dementia. We are talking about incidental exercise here. Walking to get your morning coffee on your way to work. Gardening. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Taking the dog for a walk to the park. Simple little things contribute the most. It isn’t about doing something to get abs. The definition of ‘in shape’ in the eyes of longevity is not defined by how much you can lift. It’s about how fit you are to meet the demands of life. It’s the ability to do what it is you love doing, so you can keep on doing what it is you love doing!

4 Community

Cultivate meaningful relationships. A felt sense of being a part of something larger than yourself is vital. Find people who support you, and who you can support too. Having likeminded people around who believe in the same things and simply agree with you eliminates the stress of trying to figure out where you ‘fit in’ within the world. Some call it religion. Others volunteer spare time to sporting clubs or homeless shelters. Some just have an open door policy at home where all family, friends and neighbours are welcome over anytime. The important part is making new connections and keeping in touch with golden old friends. Each to their own. Whatever connection and togetherness looks like to you, do that. If you want to live as long as your nonna, you have to have the heart to match. Reconnect with your roots and celebrate what it means to be alive, not just make ends meet. Act young to stay young, in mind and body. P.S. the connection we are talking about does NOT include expanding your Facebook friends list.

No One Pillar is More Important Than the Rest

Kale Brock presented the notion during his Q&A that perhaps the time you spend chatting to the organic grower you buy your spinach off is just as important as the green smoothie you make from it. How holistic is that? Health is essence should be about nourishing the soul, feeding the body and stimulating the mind.

What Should I Do? Commit!

So if you mean business, don’t just take it in, make it work! Who you are and how long you live comes down to the little changes you stick to every day. The life you want to lead. What values you uphold.

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