Are you well?

Many people believe ‘health’ and ‘wellness’ are terms that simply mean being free from disease, but there is so much more to being truly well! Are you really well if you are overweight, forgetful, tired, moody, or have poor skin? What if you suffer from headaches, frequent colds, constipation or bloating? If you regularly experience these symptoms, you may not necessarily have a disease, but you aren’t truly well either. There are steps you can take to escape these frustrating complaints and enjoy true wellness.

Diets Fail, Lifestyle Changes Succeed

Diet and lifestyle are also extremely important for long-term wellness. How many times have you started a diet with the best of intentions, only to find it too difficult to stick to for more than a few weeks? Let’s be honest, there is only so long you can live on a fad diet. In order to achieve long-term health goals, what you need are positive, realistic and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Live Well and Laugh a Lot!

Taking regular time out to relax is vital for wellness. Relaxation activities such as yoga, meditation or reading a book increase the levels of ‘feel good’ chemicals in your brain that make you feel happy. Laughter is the best medicine; seriously! Laughter reduces stress hormones, improves breathing and circulation, and can even improve your immune system. Relaxation and laughter are important additions to any wellness program.

You don’t have to settle for feeling ‘just ok’. You can achieve wellness by making simple, sustainable changes to improve your energy, health and wellbeing over the long-term.

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