We all want to feel and look our best. The trouble is that we want the whole package, but rarely want to put the required effort in to achieve it.

The weight loss industry is a classic example. Everyone has a pill or a system that requires little or no effort and the fat just falls off?? Well, that is what they want you to believe but, honestly, is it believable? Achievable??

We all know that the real answer to that question is NO, yet still we want to believe. There are many experts on the Internet and TV promoting the latest “Miracle Pill” and because they are famous or have a title such as Doctor, or Professor, they are believed without question.

Unfortunately rapid weight loss is dangerous to your health; also if too fast, you end up looking like those dogs whose skin is two sizes too big for them, cute on a dog but on a person? I don’t think so.

The other problem with weight loss programs is the plateau effect. This is where things are going well then you stop losing weight and no matter what you do things stay the same. There is a very good reason for this to happen and it can be avoided but you need a professional to guide you.

Summer is coming. If you want to look your best in those skimpy summer clothes or cosies on the beach, you need to start now.

Being overweight is not just a visual problem. Australia is the fattest country in the world per head of population – not a very flattering title. We used to be known for our lean and tough physiques, now we are the fat and flabby Aussies. So what? Well fat is not just a visual problem. Extra fat means we are also heading to be the Diabetic leaders of the world. Being fatter also means that there is a greater risk of a heart attack, inflammatory diseases, no energy, depression and lousy quality of life.

And NO there will never be a pill to cure these.

You can lose weight in a healthy way but it requires a practitioner who is schooled in Health and Wellness and that means a Naturopath with strong Nutrition training. A FAT loss program not just a weight loss program is what you need. A program that will not leave you feeling hungry and one that will not see you plateau and will not see the weight go back on after the program is finished. We offer a Guaranteed fat loss program. Yes, guaranteed! If you follow our program exactly as we say we guarantee that you will lose fat.

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