The end of another year is upon us and most of us are looking forward to having a break to rejuvenate and spend time with our families.

We at The Apothecary’s Pantry and Abundant Life & Health would like to wish you all a Happy and Peaceful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2016.

When considering healthy yet delicious festive cheer, there are some wonderful and healthy seasonal and party meals you can easily make for yourselves and you will find some links to great recipe ideas from Teresa Cutter AKA The Healthy Chef right here:

Enjoy your festivities and if you are travelling go safely. By the look of the activity around the shopping centre there is likely to be a lot of Christmas and New Year feasting and cheer. It is always too easy to over indulge and end up with a few extra Kilos and centimetres that you don’t want.

Maybe next year early in January it might be a good plan to add a health and fitness check up to your New Years Resolutions list. Perhaps registering for our “Kick Start Your Health” program starting mid-January would be a good start?

For now we would all like to thank you for helping to make our 2015 a great year and we look forward to catching up with you after the holiday.

John, Katherine, Belinda and Cate.