That Sounds Like A Silly Question Doesn't It?

After all, we have all been conditioned to believe that we wear out as we get older and old age leads to disease, pain and misery – who wants that?

Well apparently nearly everyone! How can I say that? Well we seem hell bent on making it happen. We seem to believe that eating a healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle is miserable so we daily do the things that guarantee we will end up having a miserable time in later years – and we do not get out of life what we could along the way.

Wellness is not the absence of symptoms. Wellness is feeling the very best you possibly can – ALL the time; enjoying life now and having a great life in your twilight years. There are many societies where people live beyond 100 and are healthy, happy and enjoying life.

We have been conned! All the marketing and all the movies, TV shows and medical advertising are aimed at convincing us that the ageing process is one of massive degeneration yet the truth is that it does not have to be this way.

You can have a great life now AND a great life in your elder years!

Ask yourself; would your life be miserable if you could never have a glass of Coke or Pepsi, ever again? Would your life be over if you could not have another McDonald’s meal or KFC? Would misery be your lot if you were refused cigarettes? Would life be such a drag if you had to eat a healthy nutritious diet of tasty enjoyable foods, get a moderate amount of exercise and get 7-8 hours restful refreshing sleep?
If your answer to the above is yes then go for it and enjoy a miserable painful drug filled period towards the end of your life; you will deserve it.

However; if you want a great life NOW and a great life in your Senior Years, then you should join our Wellness Program. Yes you can have both.

Naturally I am not saying that you will not slow down as you advance through the years, you will. We know that what you can do when you are 18 you can’t at 80 or even 65. But many times the degree of lesser ability is because you have burnt your health and wellness capital unwisely – not getting the real benefit when young and depriving yourself of joy and enjoyment of life as you age. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You can avoid most of the pain of ageing but the earlier you start the better it is. Even though you may have advanced through the years a bit it is not too late to start to improve your life and wellness.

Do not be fooled by clever but misleading advertising. You cannot medicate your way out of a problem you ate yourself into, or damaged yourself with poor lifestyle choices. The drugs simply do not work. You can’t use a chemical to repair years of wrong living. If you want to see how well they work visit a Nursing home and look at the true results of Pharmaceutical solutions.

If you want true Wellness, why not contact us and join the next wellness program – you will be glad you did. My name is John Miller-Crispe I am a Naturopath and. I am in my 73rd year and enjoy good health, so I know you can too. I have not done it perfectly and no one ever will but the benefits of a healthy life and diet are great along the way and the benefits towards the end of your life are fantastic.

Join me in our next Wellness Program. Contact the clinic today on 02 4721 3198. It's never too late to start.