The following report was taken from the “Medical Observer”. Soon Antibiotics will have no benefit due to over prescribing and inappropriate prescribing. The following report highlights the reason antibiotics are losing their potency. This type of medication can be life saving in the appropriate cases but it is prescribed for viruses and many other problems for which it is of no benefit.

Report; Remember, this was written to doctors!
A milestone report on antimicrobial resistance, which includes plenty of unpublished data, has been released by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.

Here are eight things to note:

  1. In 2014 nearly half the population (46%) was prescribed at least one antimicrobial (PBS data)
  2. The rate of antimicrobial prescriptions in GP consultations remained constant between 2009 and 2014 (MedicineInsight data based on 182 practices)
  3. More than half of patients recorded as having colds or flu and receiving an antibiotic had no need for one (MedicineInsight)
  4. The antibiotic prescribing rate for acute tonsillitis, sinusits, otitis media and bronchitis massively exceeds the acceptable rate based on guidelines - e.g. 90% of patients receive an antibiotic for bronchitis when the acceptable rate is no more than 30% (MedicineInsight)
  5. One in five prescriptions in residential aged care is prescribed for residents with no sign of infection
  6. On any given day in an Australian hospital in 2014, 38.4% of patients were given an antimicrobial and of those nearly one quarter were inappropriate
  7. In 2014, 40% of surgical antibiotic prophylaxis in hospital was inappropriate due to long duration, incorrect dose or frequency
  8. Australian hospitals have the highest rate in the world of vancomycin resistance in Enterococcus faecium

Author: Rada Rouse
The take home point from this?
Build your immune system to naturally deal with bacterial and viral infections – after all this is what mankind has relied upon for millennia and we have managed to overpopulate the planet without the help of antibiotics or other immune drugs.

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