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Pesticide & Organophosphates Exposure

Recently ABC News reported on research showing a cluster of Parkinson’s disease cases in rural Victoria that may be linked to the use of pesticides. Whilst pesticides may not be the sole cause the researches have recommended further study to look into the link.

Organophosphates, which are currently being studied here in Australia to determine their link to aggressive cancers, have already been banned or restricted in the US, the UK and Europe.

It's not just Farmers who are at Risk!

Studies looking at many different populations, not just farmers, have found that exposure to pesticides, organic solvents, heavy metals and air pollutants have been associated with an increased risk of Parkinson’s. It is reasonable to expect that other auto-immune diseases and even cancer will also be linked to these.

Organic is Best without Doubt!

Our emphasis here at Abundant Life & Health and The Apothecary’s Pantry on Organic foods is a direct result of our belief that chemical pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and fertilisers are one major contributing factor in poor health and the increasing incidence of auto-immune disease and cancer. Scientists will argue that more and more research is needed because, of course, that is how they make their living. However, it isn’t rocket science to see that this modern world’s increasing reliance on massive amounts of artificial chemicals in our food production is also mirrored by a massive increase in auto-immune disease and cancer.

Our bodies were not created/evolved (depending on your personal view) to metabolise and detoxify artificial chemicals. These are the result of human intervention and creation over the past 200 or so years. For the vast history of mankind, we have only had to deal with natural, organic plant and animal based chemicals in food and water, and we are perfectly capable of both utilising these and detoxifying them and removing them from our bodies – safely. The man-made chemicals we are not able to do so.

Infertility Linked to these Noxious Toxins

The increasing incidence of difficulty in conceiving and infertility may also be a direct result of toxic exposure. It is definitely in the interest of couples trying to conceive to avoid these pollutants/toxins and wherever possible only consume organic foods and definitely use a high quality filter for your water. (The information for this comes from the Longitudinal Investigation of fertility and the Environment (LIFE) study which tested for Heavy Metals, Environmental phenols and phthalates and Persistent organic phosphates). Men are particularly at risk as sperm is easily damaged by modern chemicals and the production system for sperm is also vulnerable.

Detox is something we should all do Regularly

Yes, we should all consider a detox at least once a year to get rid of the man-made chemicals and help our bodies remove accumulated toxins. However, there is one caveat; it is vital that you do this under the guidance of a trained Health Care Professional. Why? Because you are going to drag out all that toxic material and throw it at your liver and kidneys. If done to quickly and in the wrong order, you may do more harm than good.

In past centuries it was common practice to clean out both our homes and our bodies once a year – the old Spring Clean. We instinctively knew that this was necessary but, like many other wise things, we have lost this wisdom.

Join us for A Spring Detox

We at Abundant Life & Health run a Detox program which is both safe, gentle and effective. Why not book in for your Spring Detox? Get your body cleaned out and ready for summer. You are very likely going to learn a few things about yourself along the way which may surprise you. Most people experience a lift in energy after the detox is complete and many lose a few kilos along the way.