Understanding it's not always the child's fault.

It takes a while for Children to get full Control of their Bladder

This can result in some finding it difficult to avoid wetting the bed – something that is traumatic for the child and annoying for the parent.

Bed Wetting Occurs in those with Delayed Central Nervous System Development

In order to develop the Central Nervous System (CNS) we need adequate supplies of vitamin B12 and Folate. We also now know that there is a growing number of the population who have methylation problems especially producing B12 and Folate in forms that the body can use.

Aberrant Genes

We are finding more cases of what are termed aberrant genes (MTHFR genes especially, but also PEMT, DAO, COMT and FUT2). All these SNP’s have an effect on vitamin B12 and Folate utilization and therefore on CNS development and we know from research that children with bedwetting problems often have these SNP’s or aberrant genes.

MTHFR Gene Testing

A simple test can be done to determine if the MTHFR genes are working normally or a supplement with activated B vitamins can help change things. However, it is probably a good idea to get the genes tested as if both of the main MTHFR genes are aberrant, then minimizing the intake of Folic Acid (the inactive form of Folate) may be important.

If Folate is inadequate or the wrong form it limits the ability to utilize B12 which causes other problems, especially with regard t emotions and stress response, sleep etc.

What Causes Low Folate & B12?

The following is a brief list of some of the causes:

  • Vegetarian or Vegan diets tend to be low in B12.
  • Those not eating enough protein – fussy eaters.
  • Medication, many pharmaceuticals rob the body of Folate and B12 reserves.
  • Low intake of vegetables especially the green leafy vegetables.
  • Caffeine in Soft Drinks – colas as well as coffee.
  • Too much gluten intake. Gluten robs the body of B12 and Folate.
  • Not enough red meat intake.
  • Sugar consumption, sugar has a type of diuretic action.
  • Stress.
  • Food intolerances.

Chemical Exposure is Damaging

As humans’ mess around with chemicals in foods, water, medicines, vaccinations etc we are creating damaged bodies which now no longer operate as originally designed. When mankind become gods, then they can mess with these things. But, until that happens (and at the last look it has not yet happened) we do not have the intelligence or capacity to see all the ramifications of our “interventions”. This makes eating clean organic foods more important than ever.