Weighing in! Let us help you achieve your health goals in 2017.

New Year, New Resolutions

At this time of year many of us make New Year Resolutions around health and fitness and especially weight. It seems we are never happy with our weight. It also seems we can never get to the right numbers on the scales or the right dress size.

Why not a Pill?

Is a weight loss program the best way to achieve this? All too often we are inundated with offers of programs or pills or other substances which will make the kilos just melt away – but no matter whether it is Dr Oz, or Oprah or some fantastically toned sports star or movie star endorsing the product, none of them seem to work for the ordinary person. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a weight loss supplement that makes you lose weight without reducing calories or exercising. If there were it would be bottled into a potion and labelled magic.

They Cheat!

One thing you need to realise about all these celebrity endorsers is, first they are paid to advertise the product and second, they have Personal Trainers and Nutritionists preparing meals and ensuring they do the right exercise – that makes it a lot easier!

Why is it So?

One thing to bear in mind is that whenever you do a weight loss program your body tries to empty your fat cells. These cells are not only full of fats, they also store all the unused toxins and hormones that you have not been able to eliminate. All of this is dumped into the blood stream and sent to the liver to be detoxified and processed and sent out of the body via the normal elimination channels.

Unfortunately, the poor old liver is already working hard to process all the normal daily things that are sent its way. As a result, often we see a recirculating of these things and weight loss is slow or non-existent, or you lose some weight and then plateau. The best type of weight loss program is one that does both fat reduction and detox at the same time. It is vital to support the elimination channels and the liver and kidneys at the same time as you work on losing fat.

Other Factors to Consider?

In addition to what we have discussed above there are a number of other issues, such as thyroid problems, stress/anxiety/depression issues, PCOS, Insulin resistance and any one of a host of other health problems that may need addressing first. If you have done one or more weight loss programs and either not lost weight or have regained what you lost plus more, then you owe it to yourself to visit our clinic and have a full health assessment.

How Can We Help?

We just happen to offer such a program, we will also advise you on diet and exercise.
If you are interested call us on 4721 3198 to book your assessment.

We offer a five-minute discussion free of charge to explain our fat loss/detox program. Then, if you feel it is for you, we can book you in or start to address the underlying causes of your weight problem.