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A sign of things to come

An article published in the Scientific American in 2016 reported the case of an elderly woman who died in September 2016 from an incurable infection. The Super Bug infection had spread throughout her system and this infection was able to fight off 26 of the strongest antibiotics available.

It was tested against everything that is available in the United States but nothing was effective, reported Dr. Alexander Kallen Medical Officer at the Center for Disease Control (CDC). This is not the first time someone has been infected with pan-resistant bacteria and whilst it is not yet common it is Increasing in prevalence and is becoming very alarming.

Dr. James Johnson, professor of infectious diseases medicine at the University of Minnesota said, “I think this is the harbinger of future badness to come”. Many medical scientists are increasingly warning of the problem and calling for both doctors and governments to take this danger seriously. The natural extension of this current situation is widespread antibiotic resistant Super Bugs making even the simplest surgery a serious risk of death.

The Medical scientific community is worried because there is every likelihood that it will not be possible to produce safe antibiotics to deal with these Super Bugs and it is expected that there will be more and more of these in the near future. Whilst it is not yet a serious problem it is an increasingly serious problem that should not be ignored. The continuation of current medical practice of prescribing antibiotics for any illness whether needed or not will speed up the evolving of these Super Bugs, making treating serious bacterial infection more and more difficult.

The largest incubators for antibiotic resistance generation:

The largest users/misusers of antibiotics though is the farming sector. By far the largest amount of antibiotic use is in raising beef, lamb and chicken for meat. These animals are routinely fed antibiotics as preventatives due to the confined overcrowded housing of these animals increasing the risk of infections.

What can you do?

From a Naturopathic perspective, we have always contended that it is safer and better to build and strengthen your own immune system using herbs, lifestyle changes and Nutrition so that you are able to fight whatever disease nature throws at you rather than relying on a man-made chemical to do it for you. We are not saying that there is no place for antibiotics, that would be foolish. However, we do say, and the medical fraternity is now echoing – belatedly – our sentiments; antibiotics should only be used where a life threatening bacterial infection is present.

The time to build your resistance to infection is before you get the disease. Naturally practicing sensible hygiene is a first priority. Eating a healthy and balanced diet consistently and getting plenty of fresh air and a moderate amount of physical exercise along with 8 hours’ quality sleep and drinking plenty of clean (not tap) water. Also, seriously de-stress your life.

Forgetting our History!

A study of the history of human civilization reveals that since time immemorial, humankind has ingeniously found herbs that have been effective in healing and managing diseases. It is only over the past 100 years or so that pharmaceutical drugs have been the norm and indeed, it is during my lifetime that the general population (not rich) have used doctors and drugs to handle sickness and disease. We have forgotten the cheap and safe and effective medicines that most of us knew, and embraced dangerous chemical drugs; largely because of a powerful and wealthy pharmaceutical lobby and marketing/education effort.

Despite opinions to the contrary, humans in general are not stupid. We would not keep using herbs for thousands of years if those herbs were not effective. Even the World Health Organization - WHO- has admitted that Ethno-botanical medicine (traditional use of herbs) is the safest, most effective form of medicine for the majority of mankind. It makes sense to return to what has worked safely in the past.

Herbs to build your immune system

Herbs that will help build your immune system- not boost it – include:

  • Astragalus
  • Echinacea
  • Medicinal Mushrooms - Lions Mane, Reishi to name a few
  • Andrographis

These are just a few examples, there are a host of others just as powerful as those mentioned. We have tablet combinations, liquid combinations that can be designed for your particular needs, teas for regular on-going consumption as a part of your diet. And much more.

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