Statins linked to Diabetes Risk!

Statin Drugs and Diabetes Should we be worried?

Statin drugs have been the favourite drug for many doctors for decades but a huge body of research over the past ten years has shown this drug to be more damaging than useful. Despite their reluctance to accept it, most of the research shows that there is virtually no link between cholesterol and Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) yet this old myth is trotted out on a daily basis. The latest finding is that older women on Statins have a 33% greater chance of developing diabetes if taking Statin drugs. This study followed 8,000 women so it is a significant study.

A drug to balance side effects

Unfortunately, the professional medical response is that if these women develop diabetes there is no reason to stop taking statins, simply take diabetic drugs. What a foolish un-caring and short sighted approach.

Is Cholesterol to blame?

Cholesterol is not the problem and drugs to reduce it are seriously damaging millions. Even if there was a need to reduce cholesterol it would only be in a very few patients and there are a number of herbs and nutrients and dietary interventions that will do the job very nicely without serious and damaging side effects.

What can you do?

If you are concerned about lowering the so-called bad form of cholesterol, why not discuss this with our Naturopaths and get a safe alternative to damaging drugs.

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