Is your Antacid Drug making you sick?

Proton Pump Inhibitors - Are they over prescribed?

Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI) such as Nexium and Omeprazole and others, have been prescribed for many years with the assumption that they had no adverse effects. Naturopaths have for years pointed out that this is not the case and in fact that we were heading for an avalanche of serious healthissues due to their widespread and long term use. This class of drugs are amongst the most commonly prescribed classes of drugs and their use is increasing, in particular for long term use. These drugs are often being over prescribed and often for inappropriate conditions.

Long Term Side Effects

Recently, considerable attention has been directed towards a wide range of long term adverse side effects ranging from interaction with other drugs, Increased risk of infection, reduced intestinal absorption especially of vitamins and minerals. More recent investigations are focused on kidney damage and dementia.

We now know that long term gastric acid inhibition interferes in particular with the absorption of calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin B12 as well as other vitamins and minerals. PPI treatments increase the production of amyloid β and moderate its degradation by lysosomes in microglia. This increases the amyloid β in experimental animals similar to the extracellular deposition of amyloid β seen in Alzheimer’s disease. Low vitamin B12 is associated with cognitive decline and malabsorption of this vitamin is seen in long term use of PPI’s.

Treating the symptom & ignoring the cause

The main problem is the modern tendency to simply treat a symptom and ignore what is causing the symptom. This rarely helps and the only real benefit is to the drug company’s income. The sensible approach would be to find out what is the cause of the symptom – in this case heartburn and reflux – and correct that problem. Then the heartburn and reflux would go away and you would not risk the serious side effects of drug treatment.

Treat your health issues naturally

There are a number of herbs and nutrition supplements that are ideally suited to heal causes as well as minimise symptoms along the way. Why not use the gentle Natural Route for treating your health problems first? At one time Naturopaths were nicknamed Gut Doctors, because of our focus on digestive issues. But, if your digestive system does not work properly, and as a result you do not absorb your food, nothing will work for you.

Digestive Dysfunction

A dysfunctional digestive system also means you don’t handle stress and emotional issues well; your thinking is foggy and memory is all over the place; you become tired, irritable headachy, and pain syndromes become much worse; for the ladies, hormonal issues become a problem or worse than usual. These and many more health problems are caused by a dysfunctional gut.

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