Big Pharma sponsored studies - prone to bias.

Sponsored Studies prone to Bias

The press is very prone to trot out the latest research findings that a certain drug is the best and safest etc. They also proclaim that "Natural treatments and/or herbs are dangerous". The ridiculous group, ‘Friends Of Science In Medicine’, are very quick to grab any trials that put down Natural Treatments and Natural Therapists. However, even the Medical Research Scientists are now saying it is all flawed. See below their findings and realise how duped we all are, especially the Media. Here is the truth!

Results in favour of Drug Sponsors

Studies funded by Big Pharma are more likely to favour the products of the sponsor than non-industry-funded research. This is the conclusion from an updated Cochrane review that confirms earlier analyses.

The review, which adds 27 studies to a previous Cochrane review, provides definitive evidence that pharmaceutical industry funding of drug studies “biases the results and conclusions to look favourable towards the drug of the sponsor,” says senior author, Professor Lisa Bero of the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre.

Industry Sponsors influence Study Outcomes

The authors note there are several potential ways that industry sponsors can influence the outcome of a study including;

  • the framing of questions,
  • the design of a study,
  • the conduct of a study,
  • how data is analysed,
  • selective reporting of favourable results,
  • “spin” in reporting conclusions.

Whilst some journals now require that the role of the sponsor in the design, conduct and publication of the study be described, this practice is not widespread.

Lack of Tools & Criteria are a Key Concern

Professor Bero says the key concern with industry-sponsored research is that there are no standard tools or validated criteria that include industry sponsorship as a risk of bias for such studies. “We need bias assessment tools for drug studies that take funding source into account,” she says. “Currently, we have no validated way to detect or evaluate these subtle but systematic biases.”

Co-author Dr Joel Lexchin, professor emeritus of York University, UK, says the findings were especially concerning for patients and doctors. “Our views about the effectiveness and safety of many medicines may be distorted,” he says. “Medicines may be both less safe and less effective than we think to the extent that the evidence about them comes from the companies making them.”Here is a link to the study if you want to know more:

Discerning the Truth

Unfortunately, we have been lied to that often we are losing the ability to discern truth. Therefore, old and proven ways of treating illness and maintaining health are being ridiculed and forgotten.

Health and treating ill-health are not difficult subjects. Natural treatments have worked for millennia and still do despite those who don’t like them. Herbs and the like are complex medicines and your body loves that because it can take what it needs and use it efficiently. Instead of being forced to do something it does not do well, it uses the Natural Medicine to get the support it needs to do the job of healing itself – with no damaging side effects.

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