Which form of treatment is best?

There seems to be a belief that it is one or the other. Is this really the case?

In a speech before the Canberra Press Corps Professor Stephen Myers (Medical Doctor, Naturopath & Professor at Southern Cross University) said, “Doesn’t it make more sense to start with the gentlest, least invasive, least damaging treatments and only progress to the more invasive and damaging treatments later if necessary?”

What does this mean?

Herbal and Nutritional medicines work by providing the body with what it needs to function and repair, and are seen by the body as food, therefore it knows what to do with the ingredients presented. In short, the body uses what it needs and allows the rest to be excreted. Naturally coupled with this mode of treatment is the need for a balanced and nutritionally dense diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Drug therapy, on the other hand either does for the body what it is having trouble doing, or they force the body to do something that it is having difficulty doing (for example, drugs that force the pancreas to produce insulin when it is not doing too well at that).

When considering the above two paragraphs the better course of action for the client/patient with glucose metabolism problems would be to use herbs and nutrients to encourage the pancreas to provide the required insulin and at the same time assist in repair of beta cells to continue the job. If this proves to be not enough then move on to drug therapy to do the job.

If this procedure were followed there would be far fewer diabetic patients and the cost to society and the “Health” system would be far lower. There would be far healthier people who could fully enjoy life rather than the destructive disease sufferers that we now see.

Natural Remedies - The First Line of Treatment

If Medical Practitioners utilised the services of qualified Naturopaths, Herbalists and Nutritionists as a first line of treatment, instead of seeing these professionals as a threat to them, the patient would get a far better treatment and many would see a better life resulting and in many cases their symptoms would not deteriorate into full blown disease.

It is sad that we have allowed our health care to deteriorate into a, Them or Us, system. There is a place for both systems and to follow Professor Myers position the best place to start is with the gentler, less damaging therapy first.

There is a Place for Both

The orthodox medical practitioners need not be concerned that they will lose out on patients. There will always be people who will not change damaging diets and lifestyles for any reason and these people will only be candidates for the Orthodox Practitioner. They are also the ones who will not get better but will need their disease or symptoms managed – which Medical Practitioners are skilled at. For those who are willing to make the changes, there are better alternatives with the knowledge that if the gentler approach fails there is still the drug approach to fall back on. There is a place for both.

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