Pain! Don't put it off any longer.

Over the Counter Pain Medications

The Therapeutic Goods Administration here in Australia has decided that as from 1st February 2018, Codeine and codeine containing medications will no longer be available for over the counter medication. This is being done because many chronic pain sufferers are self-medicating and not seeking help from a Health Professional. This is unfortunately leading to an upsurge in opiate dependency.

Pain can be both Good & Bad

Pain is a natural phenomenon that can be very useful. Without pain we would not be aware of things that are a threat to us, such as touching a hotplate that is on, being too close to fire and many other things that would harm us. There is a condition called Congenital Analgesia (insensitivity to pain) which is a rare disorder where people feel no pain and as a result often damage themselves breaking bones or burning themselves etc but feel no pain so often do not realise they have injured themselves. These people often have a much shorter life span. Therefore, there is a good side to pain. However, pain out of control is both damaging and emotionally debilitating.

Why do we get Chronic Pain?

Apart from the obvious causes, serious trauma, accidents and the like, there are times when the pain centre of the brain just does not switch off. Also, excessive inflammation will usually be accompanied by pain and where the inflammation itself has not resolved then the pain becomes chronic. Excessive inflammation in turn damages the body, which in turn causes or increases pain.

Why Inflammation?

Inflammation also has a positive aspect. Without inflammation, we would not heal. Inflammation increases the blood supply and healing nutrients to damaged parts of the body and if controlled it is very beneficial. Inflammation is also nature’s way of increasing the temperature at the site of an accident or trauma in order to kill pathogens and prevent/reduce infection. However, if it does not get resolved after a while it starts damaging the part of the body that it is trying to heal and this of course increases pain.

What can you do?

There are many Herbal treatments and other Natural preparations that effectively treat pain and do not have adverse side effects. We have excellent magnesium powders with anti-inflammatory and pain relieving herbs added. We have formulated an excellent anti-inflammatory and pain herbal mixture containing a variety of herbs that have been found to be helpful in relieving pain and reducing inflammation. We can also make up a mixture that is unique to your specific needs, taking into account any other health issues you may have.

Don't put it off any longer!

Checking out the reason you have too much pain and/or inflammation is also important. Simply treating the pain or inflammation does not fix the problem. Pain and inflammation are your body’s response to something it needs to be fixed; your body’s cry for help if you like. If we ignore the cause and simply treat the result the problem never really goes away it simply finds another way to tell you it needs your help.

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