What is eating well and, What is good food?

"A Good Diet"

As a Naturopath, I frequently have clients tell me that they have a “Good Diet”. Yet when I question them about what they eat, their diet frequently turns out to be anything but good. However, in their opinion it is "healthy". Often a case of the old "everything in moderation".

Lets look at some facts!

Firstly taste; whilst taste is important to enjoyment of foods it should not be the prime consideration. You see taste is determined by what we eat regularly and in large volume. For instance; if you eat a lot of foods with high levels of salt or sugar (or chemicals that mimic salty and sweet) then your taste buds will have difficulty detecting any other taste. As a result if a food does not contain these things it will taste bland and uninteresting or even unpalatable, to you. As a result you miss out on the huge variety of subtle flavours contained in most foods.

Processed & Packaged Foods

Secondly; manufacturers of processed, packaged foods and all Fast Food Outlets are well aware that foods taste “nice” if they have high levels of fats and chemicals that mimic sweet or salt. Therefore they load their products (notice I did not say foods) with these things. You see they know that you are really only interested in what tastes yummy and not what is healthy and nutritious and good for you. We all have the reasoning ability to persuade ourselves that what we want is what is “Good” for us.

Fresh is Best!

Inherently we really know what is good but try to ignore admitting it. What is good? Fresh: Fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, both preferably organic, fresh meat from healthy animals raised on natural pastures without added chemicals, antibiotics and hormones. Fresh birds and fish also raised in healthy environments (fish in the wild not farmed and fed unnatural diets).

Don't believe the Hype

Never get your dietary advice from the label or the marketing material or TV ads with TV/Film/Sports stars endorsing the product. If you want true dietary advice, see your Naturopath, we don’t have any axe to grind with regard to any particular food, the advertisers and sponsors do.

Healthy Food = Healthy Cells = Healthy Bodies

You see, food provides the necessary nutrients for your body to build cells. Healthy food allows your body to produce healthy cells/healthy bodies. But much more than that; Food is actually information for your genes. Food coupled with your lifestyle habits, speaks to your genes, telling them what to do. You can tell genes that can cause cancer to turn on (leading to cancer) or turn off moving away from cancer.

The same goes for the genes that are supposed to cause every other disease – diabetes, autoimmune diseases etc. It is possible, caught early enough, to reverse these diseases by reversing your poor dietary and lifestyle choices. The choice really is yours.

Drive your genetic code down the healthy pathways by healthy nutritious food and healthy lifestyle choices and enjoy a happier, healthier and longer life.

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