All you need is Common Sense.
You don't need a Masters Degree or Doctorate to live a Healthy Life.

Are Research and Scientific Proof the Key?

There is a lot of Health Advice out there from both the Medical/Pharmaceutical and the Natural side.. Research is always cited as the key and scientific proof as the gold standard, yet daily we hear that the research turns out often to be flawed or downright fraudulent!.

On the other hand there are a huge range of guru’s and experts who befuddle with complex claims, health, lifestyle and diet tips and guidelines; to the extent that being healthy naturally seems like so difficult a task that the ordinary average person doesn’t have a hope..

What is the Truth of the Matter?

Simply put, living a Natural Healthy life is actually SIMPLE. Sure there are many foods and many things one can do. However, you can live a healthy, happy, abundant life not knowing a huge number of facts and not having a degree in a Natural Health discipline.

You don’t need a Masters Degree or a Doctorate to live a healthy life – just a good dose of common sense and a willingness to question what you are told. Never take at face value what a Doctor, or other official Health official, Professor or Government official tell you; question what they say, research it, because they always have a vested interest be it money or control of you or political power, but sadly not your wellbeing.

Never take at face value anything any Natural Health “Guru” tells you; even if they have a degree or a doctorate. Always question things and check the credentials and bona-fides of everyone. Popular figures in the media are also highly suspect. Most of them are paid a lot of money to sell you a story or product.

Who can you Trust?

You can trust your own intuition. If something sounds too good to be true – it probably is. If something sounds very complex you probably should ignore it, or at least question it very carefully. If there is a lot of Rah-Rah and emotion surrounding something you are being convinced to join or buy, you should seriously question it (this is how most Network or Multi-Level Marketing systems get people in). Whether or not we want to believe it we all buy on emotion not logic. We justify the decision late using logic but we make the decision on emotion.

Living a Healthy Life is Simple

The Creative Force (whether you believe in a special creation or evolution it makes no difference) within you makes you a self repairing, self healing being. No one questions that a broken bone can and will repair itself as long as the ends are aligned. No one questions that a cut will heal itself with no help from outside except to keep it clean. Why do we believe that illness and disease cannot be dealt with by the body without outside interference?

Stay on Track with your Health

Of course diet is important together with quality sleep and reducing stress in our lives. Certainly it can sometimes be useful to have a trusted person help you get to the bottom of why you are having health and emotional problems. It can also be useful to have someone who can help you stay on track with your health and following a healthy lifestyle.

Accept Responsibility for your Health today

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