It is ‘The Secret’, hidden throughout the ages, protected by some mystical forces to prevent ordinary people from understanding and safeguarding their health. Is it so difficult to comprehend that it is beyond the ordinary person’s capacity of understanding? That people need to be protected from it?

Not at all. But you would be excused for thinking that is the case, because NO ONE HAS EVEN HINTED AT IT.

What is this missing advice and why is everything that has been pushed on us is pointless without it? Avoiding the virus is ultimately impossible. Social distancing, again, is ultimately pointless. Constantly disinfecting hands, counters, doorknobs, etc. with antiBACTERIAL agents. These are great ideas and they should be practiced, yes, but if that was the end of the story then why are hospitals – a prime example of vigilant and extreme disinfecting – germinating and harbouring some of the world’s worst diseases?

So finally what is this missing advice? Well it comes in two parts:
First, the key is working to make sure your diet is healthy, varied and as close to nature as possible. Your diet determines how strong your body is. You get out of it what you put into it; and
Second, and most obvious, strengthen your immune system.

Simple, isn’t it? Yet most have ignored vital truth, and ignored this vital, and ‘all too obvious’ solution.

None of the social distancing strategies or government and health authority official advice that we have been forced to adhere to will ultimately work without doing these two simple things.

Now strengthening your immune system includes diet, quality sleep, de-stressing, exercise – preferably outside and getting both fresh air and sunlight – AND quality social interaction. No, social interaction will not kill you. If you get the virus and you have the other two parts right, you will fight it off and become immune to it.

Do something the government and health authority officials don’t seem to want you to do: THINK! Question what you are being told. Most of the news is poured out without proof and is mainly regurgitated information being disseminated without facts behind it. There is an abundance of researched articles questioning what we are being told but anything that goes against the official position is labelled a conspiracy or misinformed.

Look seriously at what you are told and ask if it makes sense. Political agendas are at the forefront of all the advice we are being fed. Ask yourself, does it make sense? Demand PROOF of statements. Don’t just accept the official and repeated news items pushing the agenda. Demand that your elected officials, public servants (note the word servant) give true facts not waffle – which is what most of the advice and demands we have been given from Canberra and State Governments has been.

This virus will be around for many years. Its predecessor, SARS-CoV from 2002, has been coming around every year for nearly the last 20 years. Everyone was going to die from that too… but I don’t think we did. Once a virus starts, it does not go away. We learn to deal with it – we will with this one too – but we must strengthen our immune systems and live a healthy lifestyle. We were created (or evolved) with an immune system that is designed to deal with every bacteria or virus that can come around. Our part in this is to do what is required to keep it strong. That means eating a healthy diet, choosing to live a healthy lifestyle and strengthening the immune system. This is where a good Naturopath comes in. We are by far the best choice for advice on both of these aspects.

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